Price list

Name of the servicePrice in euros without VATPrice in euros including VAT
Emergency services:    
Technical system repair 30.00 EUR/h 36.00 EUR/h
Plumbing services, Electrical works 30.00 EUR/h 36.00 EUR/h
Gas works 35.83 EUR/h 43.00 EUR/h
Sewage system blockage liquidation 35.83 EUR/h 43.00 EUR/h
Welding service 40.83 EUR/h 49.00 EUR/h
Building and construction/demolition works 30.00 EUR/h 36.00 EUR/h
Indoor pipe milling 69.17 EUR/h 83.00 EUR/h
Gas, plumbing, electrical work outside Tallinn (roundtrip cost/km) 0.42 EUR/km 0.50 EUR/km
Thawing frozen pipes (water/drain/plastic/metal) 52.50 EUR/h 63.00 EUR/h
Pipe freezing 44.17 EUR/h 53.00 EUR/h
Indoor sewer line cleaning (Kärcher) 44.17 EUR/h 53.00 EUR/h
Sewage system pressure washing 75.00 EUR/h 90.00 EUR/h
Grease trap cleaning, grease disposal (loading till 4m³) 300.00 EUR/loading 360.00 EUR/loading
Feces disposal (loading till 5m³) 65.00 EUR/loading 78.00 EUR/loading
Pressure washing outside Tallinn (roundtrip cost/km) 0.79 EUR/km 0.95 EUR/km
Sewage system inspection 70.83 EUR/h 85.00 EUR/h
JCB 4CX 33.33 EUR/h 40.00 EUR/h
JCB 4CX + Roxon 43.00 EUR/h 52.00 EUR/h
Smaller excavator under 5t 37.50 EUR/h 45.00 EUR/h
Smaller excavator under 5 t + Roxon 48.33 EUR/h 58.00 EUR/h
Excavator under 16t 45.83 EUR/h 54.00 EUR/h
Excavator under 16t + Roxon 60.00 EUR/h 72.00 EUR/h
Excavator under 20t 49.17 EUR/h 59.00 EUR/h
Excavator under 20t + Roxon 65.83 EUR/h 79.00 EUR/h
Excavator under 30t 58.33 EUR/h 70.00 EUR/h
Excavator under 30t + Roxon 75.00 EUR/h 90.00 EUR/h
Dump track till 15 tons 28.33 EUR/h 34.00 EUR/h

The price of 1 hour is the minimum cost for every emergency service call.
Prices that do not reflect in the price list will be charged on the basis of the price quotation.
In the case when emergency services demand the input of additional professional, the cost of extra 33.00 eur + VAT will be charged per hour.
Only cash payments are accepted from private clients.
External pipeline emergency service fee is calculated separately and а specific price quotation is then presented to the client.

NB! At the weekends, public holidays and weekdays from 6pm to 8am the prices of services provided increase 1,5 times.